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UV FLASHLIGHT FOR Tomato Hornworm Hunting

When you're gardening you have to find all the tomato hornworms which are feasting on your plants somewhere, caterpillars have evolved to blend in seamlessly with their favorite host plants it can sometimes be difficult to see all the plants. The ESCOLITE UV FLASHLIGHT can save your tomatoes and provide an evening of garden fun. Caterpilliars refect bright green under the shine of UV flashlight, so that you can easily identify the pests that you may otherwise miss.

  1. Wait until it’s dark out. An hour after sunset is a good time.

  2. Turn off any outside lights that shine into your garden.

  3. Shine the UV flashlight all over the plant from many angles, above and below.

  4. A pair of gloves is handy if you’re a bit squeamish.

  5. Dispose of the caterpillars by dropping them into a bucket of soapy water or if you have chickens, you can feed the hornworms to them.

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