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What You Can Do with Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light ?

 Pet Urine Detector: Easier and more effective detection of dried pet urine in carpets and furniture to clean up and remove any lingering unwanted smells.


 Find Scorpion: If you live in an area with scorpions, UV scorpion light an easy way to check them.


 Find Tomato Hornworms: Find hornworms on tomato plants before they feast on your plants somewhere.


 Great bathroom tool: Take it in your bathroom, the black light flashlight powerful help you find things you could not see with my naked eyes. You will feel more confident about the cleanliness of the bathroom.


 Leak Dectection: The uv torch light are suitable for leak detection of transmission, coolant, air conditioning systems, power steering systems with uv dye.


 Mini Resin Curing: Great for curing mini resin crafts , nails, jewelry. It is nice not to be stuck to a cord all the time.


 Uranium Glass Hunting: The UV torch flashlight can be a good idea to take a portable battery operated black light with you to a secondhand/thrift/antique store to check.


 Light up UV Paint: Read and discover the wonders of neon/blacklight paint. Unleash creativity with blacklight paints and glow in the dark paint.


 Body Paint: For bedtime glow party or photo shoot.


 Charge glow items: The uv light flashlight supercharges your glow in the dark items (disco golf, toys, stars, ect) way faster and much brighter.


 View Fluorescing Rocks and Mineral: Great for fluorescent minerals! Used these for hunting glow in the dark rocks, looking for Yooperlites around lake.


 Fishing: Escolite 51 black light flashlight is right size to keep in pocket while fishing. LEDs were bright enough to keep lures glowing for many casts.


 Authenticate Sneaker: UV flash light shows all fake factory markings as well as obvious flaws a real pair wouldn't have.


 Semen Detection Light: It’s good to have to find semen and other bodily fluid stains, or want to see if the bed sheets are really cleaned.


 Identify unwanted whitening agent in cosmetics: Find Fluorescent Whitening Agent contained in Baby clothes or your cosmetics, ensuring safe from Fluorescent Agent.

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