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Escolite 33ft УФ-черная световая полоса 12 В Гибкий черный свет с 600 Блок УФ лампы Бусины

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Полоска ультрафиолета
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  • Real UV Black Light: 395~405nm, 600x Bright UV LEDs can be used for glow in the dark activities, fluorescent body paint.
  • Easy to Install: High intensity and reliability, long life to use; Every 3-LED cuttable without damaging the rest strip; 3M super sticky, easy setup on the wall and the floor and with 10 Fixing Clips to make it more solid.
  • Safe to use: Power Adapter: 12V / 3A, 12V working voltage with light, very low heat. It is touchable. длина волны: 395-405 нм, UVA level, harmless to the human body.
  • Широкое использование: Works great for UV body paint and visible fluorescent materials, Perfect for new Year dance, baby room ceiling, Хэллоуин, game room frame, placed on the edge of bed, children hold parties, teen bedroom, children’s room undersea theme glow, bar.
  • Package Include: Uv Strip Light Kit(2pack), 12V Power Adapter, 10 Fixing Clips(Plus fixing clips to make it more solid), Any questions, contact us.

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