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UV Lampe de poche

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  • Escolite 100LED 395nM lampe de poche UV lampe de poche lumière noire

    UV Lampe de poche
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    • Caractéristiques
    • Durable and BrighterThe strong Aluminum Alloy body makes it more durable and the housing is designed with anti-slip and heat dissipation,which covers a large area without losing the intensity of the UV light. You could use it scan your bedroom, yard and alley easily.
    • Pet Urine DetectorFind dry dog stains on floors, carpet, ceramic tiles, hardwood floors and household fabrics that couldn’t see with the naked eye easily. No more crawling on your knees! Not work well on cat urine.
    • Recherche de scorpions – The UV blacklight is easily spot scorpions, les rend instantanément visibles au sol.
    • More FunctionsDetect bed bugs, authenticate currency, official identification cards, passports, or identify unwanted whitening agent in cosmetics.
    • Fonctionnant sur batterie – 100 UV flashlight is powered by 6pcs AA batteries(not included in the package). In order to keep the flashlight’s lifetime, si vous ne l'avez pas utilisé pendant longtemps, please put off the batteries.

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